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Teaching @themellcordero the Brad Pitt method. #KillingThemSoftly #InACuteWay #ShesCoolerThanMeTho

Such an amazing weekend filming with an unbelievable talented and dedicated cast/crew. One more week of filming to go and it’s a wrap on my next trilogy!!! Follow these amazing people @themellcordero @cutdowntrees @brianbethel @colebfield #BillyBlair @trevo198x #Vaz #EPICS
Brunch #GiveMeAllTheMimosas @themellcordero @cutdowntrees @brianbethel @colebfield
Little preview from last nights filming with @themellcordero
Filming day 2 is a wrap. We need a drink w/ @themellcordero

Bloooooooood w/ @themellcordero

2nd day of filming w/ @themellcordero she was telling me how awesome it was to film 21 Jump Street with Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum 😊

Training has paid off. Ready to start filming!!!

First day of filming for the new trilogy!! Things are gonna get just a little crazy πŸ˜‰ #BoyEpic #Dallas
Say hello to @themellcordero my beautiful badass new costar for my upcoming trilogy! We are filming this weekend in Dallas! Excited to work with such a talented actress 😊